Saturday, July 30, 2005

ROOF THEATRE east meets west

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is a way to re-integrate art and ritual in our daily lives, a way to re-connect the world and the arts, ourselves and each others.

The project started as a search of an acting method and became a method of action.
I started trying to find an universal method that would suit any actor independently of his age, gender, cultural or economical background.
Workshops and research were made in different countries, with the most various people and the understanding of that method extended into a social action.
More then a method the work became a practice, and that practice is fundamental for the understanding of its method.

For me theatre is a way to meet the self, an encounter of our body, mind and emotion- bringing awareness into our presence.
Theatre is a practice, an exercise, bringing out a more articulate consciousness of the all.

My work starts in the empty, neutral, black space.
Interculturalism is the base for my research allowing a neutral field of creation to be born.

Roof theatre method is one to embody mind experience.
The performer listens to their inner journeys and concentrates on the actions, realizing it's intention, and consciously responding to impulses.

The performer as an object of study is divided in parts that are organically connected between them, and must be re-connected whenever he is performing, as a different level of energy is being used. These parts are designated mental body, physical body and emotional body, and the relation between them is energy.

For energy we understand a movement of opposite forces or an interaction between concentration and release of tensions.
It's a very physical experience and there's nothing mystical or metaphysical in it.
The energy is classified in terms of quality, rhythm, direction, and intention, and must be realized objectively by the performer in action and in pre-action.
Therefore, all energy is spent in conscious movement or conscious stillness.

The awareness of this process is germinated in the performer through exercises that decompose his actions into stimulus, motivation, need, impulse, action and re-action.
The emotional body awareness is raised by exercises that work with memories, dreams, and motivations that are artists creative material.
Relaxation exercises, postures, massage, voice exploration and movement compositions are used to develop physical awareness.

Roof Theatre process is one of de-mechanization, the retuning, or de-tuning of the performer.
During my workshops we work from the starting point of what gives each one of us pleasure.

Whatever makes you dream, will be the starting point for a process that goes from physical warm up, search for movement identity, encounter of your own voice, creating a character, working a text , learning lines, work on physical actions, playing intentions,to observing techniques. The workshop plan is always changed according to the needs of the group participating.

We can focus on character, on movement, on the emotional body, or on how can one approach a play.
It's part of Roof Theatre process to allow each performer to express what they want to work and to give them the space to do so.
As a director, I don't give solutions, I guide the actor towards his own solution.

The workshop is an experimental space for each participant liberates his own creativity, a relaxed and involved event that allow people to develop their theatre acquaintance, body consciousness and self-wakefulness becoming more present and alive.
It is usually an unexpected experience for most of participants because it operates as an extreme emotional release, giving them a way to express themselves, withou needing any special techniques or divine talents.

ROOF THEATRE promotes workshops in LONDON.


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