Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The immigrant perspective

> face it.
> i am lost in a place of non language
> i am entitled to silence with no rhythm
> i have friends that don't exist
> in a house that doesn't belong to me.
> i am from the sea
> do mar, do existir
> Not a bird with wings or kidneys
> See, my friends say they have no fear and those are
> the ones
> "they" call reals.
> But that ain't one person with no fears.
> Salve Dalai Lama, Bless Him.
> I am not a lyer, but a pretender
> A real one, mind.
> I don't eat fashion
> but I eat meat.
> And I've never killed no one.
> Except mosquitoes...
> Mainly in India.
> I don't believe in politics
> They get all the attention
> What about the poets?
> The poets of no-language
> Don't they get a voice?
> Cause, see, i have a cause
> I got more then one cause
> But most of all my cause is me.
> My freedom.
> My expression.
> And all I want is to communicate
> All we ever wanted was to
> commune
> communicate...and now.....
> we commute to commit
> To see the bridges to our future
> I ain't got a voice
> I ain't got a mirror
> I ain't got make up on...
> Damm it! I forgot my sleepers!
> But I got a job.
> Men! I pay taxes.
> And I feed the state. I feed the wheel...
> And boy....oh! boy!!!
> I can't still express my ass.
> I can't cook for the President.
> Mr.President:
> Yesterday I have eaten fried chicken.
> And I've paid a couple of words.
> Say what? Pounds? Dollars?Euros?
> Who gives a chit?
> All the same. I ended up eating chit
> and I still don't have a voice.
> And I say, oh you, mr.terrorist
> will you kill Bush?
> Will you kill the mother fuckers who raped your wifes?
> Will you kill the bastards that put ideas in your
> minds?
> Will you consider Islam?
> Think about it.
> you.i pay taxes.
> i respect.
> You want my opinion?
> ask me. I'll tell you.
> See my life?
> I'm here cause you made me come here.
> Cause you sold me a dream.
> And made me leave my country.
> Well, thank you.
> Now give me my freedom.
> Do not kill the innocents.
> the immigrants
> -


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